If you or a loved one are among the tens of thousands of consumers who have experienced hair loss, bald spots, thinning, frizzing, scalp issues or other damage following use of the DevaCurl hair products, Esensten Law can provide you with individualized, experienced legal representation.



Hair damage and hair loss can be devastating physically and emotionally, negatively impacting self-esteem and confidence. No one should suffer such losses; and those who have should recover for the physical, emotional and monetary damages they have sustained.

There are currently class action lawsuits regarding DevaCurl, however those lawsuits typically provide limited recovery that does not fully consider each individual situation.  We provide individualized claims outside the class action which have the potential for much greater monetary recoveries.

The attorneys at Esensten Law have substantial experience obtaining favorable results for consumers who have been injured due to defective hair products. We have obtained an aggregate of millions of dollars in settlements from some of the most well-known hair product manufacturers and distributors.

No one needs to face a devastating hair injury alone. Contact Esensten Law for experienced, compassionate and individual attention




  • Successfully defended breach of contract action concerning the distribution of DVDs and obtained $2.2 million judgment for our client after a full trial.

  • Successfully defended our client in action alleging over $4 million in damages concerning the breach of a commercial lease.

  • Obtained a defense judgment in a breach of contract action on behalf of a multi-national publicly traded company, and a defense verdict on behalf of a publicly traded company in Federal Court by enforcing a multi-million dollar asset purchase agreement.

  • Enforced a settlement agreement impacting title to a multi-million dollar home and million dollar retirement account, obtaining a successful result as well as award of attorneys’ fees and costs.

  • Obtained an award of more than $6 million on behalf of a prominent Los Angeles law firm.

  • Obtained and enforced a judgment in the amount of $1.2 million for breach of contract, and enforced collection procedures, including the sale of defendant’s assets.

  • Representation of client in construction contract litigation related to ocean front property in San Diego.

  • Litigated breach of contract arbitration in New York regarding internet startup company.


​Esensten Law provides experienced and innovate corporate counsel for many large and small businesses, including:

  • Large, well respected accounting firm, including drafting of engagement agreements and related documentation.

  • Internet bandwidth provider with business ventures in California, Georgia, Texas, Florida and other states.

  • Construction company located in California with projects nationwide.

  • Well-known pizza dough manufacturer with retail outlets and national product distribution.


  • $3 million settlement on behalf of a client who experienced partial blindness due to negligence of personal trainer and fitness gym.     

  • $1.9 million settlement on behalf of a client who suffered severe injuries after being thrown into a pool during a party.

  • Arbitration award of nearly $1 million in favor of Superior Court Judge who suffered substantial injuries from an auto vs. pedestrian accident.

  • Large settlement in wrongful death case on behalf of family members of truck driver.


  • Obtained settlements at mediation in excess of $3 million total for approximately 100 clients who experienced hair loss resulting from the use of a defective hair smoothing kit

  • Obtained settlements at mediation for approximately 20 clients who experienced hair loss and related damages from the use of a defective shampoo and conditioning product.


  • $295 million judgment against major fitness gym for unlawful collection of fees, based upon claims under RICO and the EFTA  

  • $23 million judgment against the manufacturer and distributor of a cold remedy, based upon claims of false and misleading advertising under California's consumer protection statutes 

  • $12 million judgment against the manufacturer and distributor of a male enhancement pill, based upon false and misleading advertising claims under California's consumer protection statutes  

  • $9 million judgment against a major automobile manufacturer for a safety defect in the side airbag system of certain vehicles



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